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Cardigans - your new cuckoo


your new cuckoo

(Difficulty: hard)
Verse instrumental tben repeat cborus fade in repeat as desired repeat repeat and fade out x02110 x02222 x24442 x35453 x46454 x46564 x57675 x79787 xx1212 xx4545 464544 577655 CHORDS

Dmaj7 C#maj7 Cmaj7 C#maj7 Dmaj7 Ebdim Chorus: Em7 A Dmaj7 Ebdim Em7 A Dmaj7 C#maj7 Cmaj7 Ebdim B Ab7 Verse: C#m7 A6 Am+7 C#m7 I saw you there A6 Am+7 I stopped and stared C#dim A6 Am+7 the curly girlie smiled C#m7 You really were A6 Am+7 t (