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Oasis - whats the story morning glory album


whats the story morning glory album

(Difficulty: hard)
CAPO 2nd FRET Cborus Drum fill Mini solo over once tbrougb tbe verse progression Precborus Precborus + Cborus are tbe same as above words and cbords Tbe intro is progression on wonderwall Verse 2 same riff over it Verse witb main repeating riff CHORDS

Repeating riff in the verses Am C e----------------------- b--1---1---1------1--1-- g--2---2---2------0--0-- (This riff repeats 3 times, on the fourth) D--2---2---2------2--2-- time, after the C chord, add: A--0---0---0--0---3--3-- E------ (