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Babyface - What If


What If

(Difficulty: hard)
A Bm Bm-G-Bm-A Bridge: Cborus 2x tben fade-out move cbords one step bigber Cborus: Cm D F# G G-F# GG Intro: Pre-Cborus 1: Pre-Cborus 2: do Pre-cborus 1 cbords Repeat Cborus Verse 1: Verse 2: do Verse 1 cbords CHORDS

D-A-Bm-G I ran into a friend of yours the other dayAnd I asked her how you've beenShe said my girl is fine; just bought a housegot a job, real good manI told her I was glad for you; that's wonderfulBut does she ever ask `bout me?She said s (