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Govt Mule - Wandering Child


Wandering Child

(Difficulty: hard)
'Main Riff' - 4x - w/ pbaser effect on tbe 3rd and 4tb time 'Main Riff'- 1x 'Main Riff'- 2x 'Riff III' - 2x 'Riff III' - 4x 'Riff IV' - 1x Play 'Riff I' 2x Same as Verse 1 but witb different lyrics and slide fills over 'Riff II' Same as first two v CHORDS

Song: Wandering Child Artist: Gov't Mule Album: Life Before Insanity Year: 2000 Tabbed by: JBankAZ Email: I am very surprised to see that I am the first one to tab this. Here is the rundown on Mule classic. I read an inte (