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Genesis - The Lamia


The Lamia

(Difficulty: hard)
( ) 0x200x 0x210x 0x221x 0x445x 1x111x 1x321x 2x442x 2x444x 3x533x 4x245x 4x554x 4x664x 6x576x 6x666x A A#m7 Ab/C Ab7+ Am/E B/Eb B4/E B6 Bb Bb6 Bb7 Bm C#/F C#6 C#m C7+ C7+/9 Cm Cm7 D Dm E E/G# E7+ Eb Eb/D Eb4/Bb E CHORDS

The scent grows richer,he knows he must be here,He finds a long passageway lit bychandelier.Each step he takes, the perfumes changeFrom familiar fragrance to flavours strange.A magnificent chamber meets hiseye. Inside, a long rose-water po (