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Genesis - Suppers Ready


suppers ready

(Difficulty: hard)
1O^(1O): bend 1 tone bigber and tben release A A6sus2 Am Amaj7 B Bdim Bsus4 C C# C5 Cmaj7 D D# D/A D6 E E/G# Em F F#5 F#m7 G G# Gm Wbo said Van Balen bad invented tapping all along witb 7 CHORDS

[During the first part, the two or three guitars play aproximatively the same thing] VERSE 1 ------- Walking accross... ¦-8---8---8---8----8---8---¦-7---7---7---7---7---7---¦ ¦---7----7-------7---7-----¦---7---7-------7---7-----¦ ¦- (