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Genesis - Ripples



(Difficulty: hard)
0x2220 022000 022100 022130 A/E A7+ B/A B7 B7+ B7/4 C D D/C Dm6 E E/D E7 E7+ E7+/9 F#7 F#7/4 F#m7 G G#m7 x02120 x04442 x24242 x24252 x24342 x32010 x3x232 x5x465 x7687x xx0100 xx0232 xx1212 xx2444 xx4545 242222 242322 CHORDS

Bluegirls come in every sizeSome are wise and some otherwise,They got pretty blue eyes.For an hour a man may changeFor an hour her face looks strange -Looks strange, looks strange.Marching to the promised landWhere the honey flows and take (