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Oasis - Morning Glory


Morning Glory

(Difficulty: hard)
2----2 A A# A-G-D/F#-F-G A5 A7sus4 Am Am-G Amaj7 B Bsus2 C C# C5 C7 CAPO 2nd FRET Cadd9 Cborus D D/C D/F# D7 Drum fill Dsus4 E E5 E7 Em Em-D Em7 F F#m F5 Fm G G# G#/E7 G5 Mini solo over once tbrougb tbe verse progressi CHORDS

for Oasis' (What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Sergio Lucero all corrections, comments and additions welcome this version dated 16th November 1995 *********************************************************************** (