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Genesis - More Fool Me


More Fool Me

(Difficulty: hard)
022100 4x344x A/B B B4 B6 C#m C#m7 E E/B E6/B E7+ E9/B Eb Eb4 Ebm F# F#/C# F#4/C# G#m6 G#m7 x22100 x22102 x22120 x22220 x24400 x24442 x2x444 x44322 x44422 x46454 x46654 xx1342 xx1343 xx1344 xx2444 244322 464444 CHORDS

Uh la la la la la laLa la Here am IWho while away the mornings Since you've gone Too long have I lay aloneNot knowing which way to turnAnd there you areQuite sure that you were right, hmmKnowing full wellThat I'd be the first one to go dow (