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Warm Gun - Jammin In America


Jammin In America

(Difficulty: hard)
- -- ---C --Fadd9- -Em- -F -F#(n) A A11 A5 Ab Absus4 Am Am/B Am11 Am7 Am9 B7 Bb C C/B C/G C7 C7/G C9 CB D D/F# D7 D7/F# Dsus2 E Eb Em Em-G-Em-G Em7 End F Fadd9 Fmaj7 G G/B G5 G7 Gadd11 CHORDS

---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- How did it come so far?How did I lose it all?No-one else to blameI put myself through this hellIt only takes a second,to change your worldAnd the (