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Frank Sinatra - Ive Got The World On A String


Ive Got The World On A String

(Difficulty: hard)
1X2210 2332XX 32100X A7 Bbm7 C#7/B C7 D7 D7/F# Edim7 F F#mM7b5 F6/A FM7 G7/F Gm/F Gm7/F X00211 X02023 X13121 X2313X X32310 XX0212 XX2313 XX3333 XX3423 XX3433 133211 CHORDS

F6/A FM7 D7 D7/F Gm7/F C#7/B Bbm7 C7 F Edim7 A7 F#mM7b5 G7/F Gaug I've got the world on a stringSitting on a rainbowGot that string around my fingerWhat a world, what a life, im in love.I've got a song that I singI can make the rain goAnyt (