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Kiss - I'm A Legend Tonight


I'm A Legend Tonight

(Difficulty: hard)
-------------------------5---7- 7----7--8--------7----7--8 7----7--8-----7----7--8-------- 7----7--9--------7----7--9 7----7--9-----7----7--9--5---7- Intro: Rby. Fig 1 Rby. Fig 2 Rby. Fig 3 Rby. Fig 4 Rby. Fig 4b Rby. Fig 5a w/ Rby. Fig 6a Rby. CHORDS

-------------------- Transcribed by Emil Ortenmark, Standard tuning w/ capo at 3rd fret Comments: Well, I guess my own earlier comments came back to bite me in the ass. In a previous attempt at this song I critizised ot (