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Jason Robert Brown - Coming Together


Coming Together

(Difficulty: hard)
(F+Cb+Eb/Db) A7 Ab Ab7 Am7 Bb Bb/D Bb/F Bbadd2 Bbadd2/D Bbm/C Bbm/Db Bbm6/Eb Bbm6/F Bbmaj7 C(add2)/E C/D C/F C7 C7sus Cm7 Dbadd2/Gb Dm Dm(sus) Dm/F Dm7 Eb Eb/F Eb6 Ebadd2 Ebadd2/Ab Ebm6 F F(add2) F(add2)/A F(add2)/C F/A CHORDS

Soprano Solo (4/4): F Bbm6/F F (ch)G/A(/ch) A Come to the water, the water will flow. Stand to the night, see the light, let it grow.Hold on for hard winds are starting to blow.Stand up! Hold on! And swear you won?t let Interlude(12/8): go (