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Jason Robert Brown - Christmas Lullaby


Christmas Lullaby

(Difficulty: hard)
- Am Am2 Am7 Am7/4 Bb Bb2/D C C/E C/G C2/E C2/G C5/9 C5/F C5/G C9/E D D7 D7/4 D7sus Dm7 Dm7/4 Dsus E/G# Em/G F F/G F5/2 F5/Bb F5/C F5/G G/B G5 G5/2 G7sus G9 Gsus CHORDS

I?ll never have the power to control the landOr conquer half the world, or claim the sunI?ll never be the kind who simply waves her handAnd has a million people do the things I wish I?d doneBut in the eyes of heaven, my place is assuredI c (